DON'T FAP. If you are on the verge of doing so read this

Do you feel like you just have to fap?, like it’s too strong and you are convinced you cannot get through this?

GOOD. This is it, This is you getting better. This moment is the battle between you and your enemy (The Addiction to fap). The easy hours or days before this where you were going strong and thought nofap was maybe easy and you’ve beaten it. That was the easy bit, the real battle begins here.

It comes when you have a shit day, something crap happens,your bored, you can’t sleep, someone pisses you off, you piss yourself off and whatever else it is that makes you feel low, or you see some image on a website and then BOOM, right there is when your old habit kicks in, as that’s all you’ve ever done, you feel down and then it whispers in your ear ‘Fap Fap Fap’. It’s a habit pattern deeply embedded. That right there is what we are doing this for, to change that response. You don’t learn how to do that in the easy days, you learn and defeat it RIGHT NOW when you feel like you cannot beat it, when you feel that you can’t conquer it, it’s so strong, the urge, THIS RIGHT NOW, THIS FEELING that you think is you on the verge of giving in and getting beaten by it IS ACTUALLY YOU GETTING BETTER, IT IS YOU WINNING. This is the moment to realise it is working, this is the fap addiction being tamed.

DONT STOP. ITS WORKING. We did this for so long we don’t even fap anymore because it feels good. We fap to FEEL NORMAL, to not have that urge going ‘FAP FAP FAP’, to get rid of what feels like a fire inside of us, right after you fap , just before you start to feel shit for doing so, there is a moment of relief, calm and peace - That isn’t a high from fapping, that is the peace that comes from fap desire to be gone. That is feeling normal, to be without the fapdesire burning away. Before you ever fapped , you didn’t have the urge to do it, you felt that normal all the time. What we think feels amazing and peaceful shortly after we fap is FEELING NORMAL for a few brief moments

If you keep going I guarantee you, when the habit is broken. You will feel like that again, the longer you go, the more that feeling breaks into your life.

You just have to break the “when feeling shit/down/bored = FAP” habit by not doing so, the more you chose to not follow that habit that more it weakens!

You stop being just a slave to fapping and you become the master of your own life.

Copied from Reddit.