Don't ever do this

I just relapsed today and today i’ve learned that, PEEKING SUCKS!!. if you ever peeked, please i beg you, To reset your clock. Cause once you’ve peeked, you will wank yourself in the end. Trust me. I’ve experienced it. On my 29 day streak. I’ve peeked, A LOT. And look what i got, i wank myself. If you do this, reset your clock. Even when the urge is gone, you can’t escape from wanking yourself in the end. The result will be the same. once you’ve peeked, you’re already lost. I’m sorry for everyone that warned me to reset my clock when i peeked. And one more, if you’re a muslim and pray a lot, the precum needs time to stop. So don’t that. And once again thank you everyone for helping me throughout my nofap journey. Love ya (no homo)


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