Does watching a sex scene in a movie count as a relapse?

If you are watching a movie and a sex scene comes up, does that break your streak?

If you didn’t know that scene was coming, then no. But once you realise, you should turn away, fast forward the scene. You can’t judge yourself for something unexpected. If a P pop up appears on screen while you are online, this is not a relapse. But if you don’t close it and continue looking, click on it etc., this would be a relapse.

If you knew the scene was coming and justified it, then it becomes softcore P for you. That would be a relapse from my point of view, or at the very least on the road towards relapse. Be careful of the movies you watch, music videos, advertisements, social media…there is danger around every corner. Be vigilant and guard what you allow your eyes to look upon.


Agree with @Forerunner. Be truthful to yourself. First understand what’s your goals are.
You don’t need to think too much about a scene in a movie. If you feel it didn’t affect your journey then it’s not a relapse. Simple !!!


No, unless you do what’s right then you have to move on, the next thing you know it’ll just pass.

Relapse is a real deal, it can bring back to what you were. As long as you don’t want to relapse then you have to be consciously observant on your surroundings.