Does urge ever fade away? Or it increses with time?

Does this addiction ever go away? For me, as day counter increases, urges also increases.
I was having mild urge on day 7 morning. Then a very high urge on day 10 morning. Now from day 12 to day 14, I was having high urge for whole day. Then I relapsed. After that I felt very relaxed.

So I was wondering, does this urge to relapse ever go away? What are other’s experience?


It goes away with time. First of all mind is full of lust and you don’t actually forget thoughts easily they take time. The count gradually decreases but you’ve to have some strategy for it , if you engage in relapse/recovery you ingrain the addiction more. But only if you can hold for longer ie get rid of the urge this time it goes away.

Just think of it as a pot of urge and everytime you fight it any win the pot start to get empty and there are only finite spoon of urges you have to face. But everytime you relapse that spoon goes back in with a lot of interest and you’ve to start eating it again so it’s your choice to do something about it or just refusing the nasty smelling spoon that is the cure of this addiction.

Read the book called fortify and search for universal man on YouTube and download his reboot regimen and meta script you’ll learn much about this .

They all are free btw


Transmute the energy properly and urges go away with time.
If all you do is not fapping and just live your previous lifestyle, urges increase with time.
Utilise the accumulating energy for productive purposes.
It is not about how long you can hold it in, it is about how well you can let it out in a way that benefit you and others.
If you give yourself better, more rewarding, productive outlets to the sexual energy, pmo is fucking pale in comparison and your brain and body will no longer find interest in it. After sufficiently long periods, you will rewire.

You obviously have a case of pent up sexual energy. Transmute it properly from day 1 itself. That is all we have to do bro.

stay sharp


This makes sense. No doubt that noFap is not working. Its indeed working. I just need to learn how to release in productive way. Thanks for your answer.


All the answers above are valid.
But the one thing I want you to remember is, you are not your urges. You are separate from it, you are above it. Meditate on it, once you experience that separateness the urge will have no power over you. It is that association that makes us afraid of it, and hence the question “Does urge ever fade away”.