Does this include intercourse?

Reading the message board and the forums and it sounds like some people are treating sex and masturbating as the same item.

Am I doing this for a different reason than the majority? I am trying to cut out porn and masturbating because I’m not easily aroused when it comes to real-life sex

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The people who enter the Nofap community do so for different reasons. As I have seen the majority does for the same motive as you do, nonetheless, there are a few who really do wanna persue celibate or something like that. As far as I know, it doesn’t include sexual Intercourse, in fact, If you have a sexual companion it can actually be beneficial in your journey.


@Damane thank you for the clarification. I just saw some specify intercoarse and wasn’t sure if it was assumed to be included.

It’s funny to think at one point in time I wasn’t concerned about getting too excited from just a woman’s touch. Now I wish it would excite me :upside_down_face: