Does this count as relapse?

Hi guys
today is my 64 Day of NOFAP
But during last night something weird happened idk if this count as relapse…
I was sleeping but i dont Know how it is possible i rub and pushed my penis on my bed and the Result was a WET DREAM…
I didnt watch p**n didnt touch my pennis. Just this 3 second rub on my bed and wet dream. Does it count as relapse?

IT was during falling a sleep so i was probably half sleeping half awake… But Yes it was because i rub my head pennis to bed just for like 3 second and my pennis is NOW very, very sensitive so it lead to wet dream… I didnt feel any Rush and stimulation of dopamine like when you FAP willingly. So i Hope it doesnt count as relapse.
I dont watch PORN almost 1 years ( Yes there were small FAILS, but its like 1%)
I find PMO industry disgusting

I do Know that Wet Dreams are normal, but what worries me is this 3-5 seconds I rub my pennis on bed and it led to that Wet Dream, is this considered as relapse? I couldnt sleep so i was Squirming and this shit happened. Only rub my pennis on bed for like 3second and because my pennis is so sensitive NOW it led to wet dream.
Please send my your thought on my problem

Only you can answer this question. You define what is unsafe behavior for yourself and you set the boundaries that are there to protect your sobriety. If you say that was a wet dream, then probably you can also say it wasn’t a relapse as it wouldn’t be controlled… if I were to rub my penis against something on purpose then I would consider that a relapse, just saying.

If you can’t answer it yourself, well throw a coin and settle this. head = it was a relapse, reset your counter. tail = it wasn’t a relapse, you keep going. You’ll see if your mind eases with the decision or not.

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Its really Hard to reset this amazing streak of 64 days (my highest) and I just couldnt sleep. During
that falling a sleep a sleep on stomach and idk why i rubbed my pennis on bed but i was maybe in some part of sleeping. I Remember that i want it it to stop but in 3 second there was a WET DREAM and I couldnt control it. Also before sleeping i was thinking about a WET DREAM and maybe this was a Result… But also Im not feeling guilty, because i didnt watch porn, didnt touch myself

Please don’t worry about wet dreams and these minute incidents that are mostly out of your control. I will tell you what counts as a true relapse - “Lack of Daily Self-Discipline while you are awake”, “Failure of meeting daily goals on your todo list”. If you fail in these two areas, count them as relapse. Because you should know, the act of not watching porn, the act of not masturbating, in and of itself, does not lead to a happy, successful life. You need constructive action in order to make the most of the time which you decided not to use for porn consumption and masturbation. So if your time resource is not used for what you intended to use for, post-fap-porn-life, then those accurately count as serious relapse.



And I must admit you speak 100% true
For me #1 benefits of NOFAP was insane MOTIVATION and Confidence… I workout in the gym a lot… Its my number 1 hobby, Also clean eat and gaining more knowledge abou it.
Also i stop playing videogames. And being Lazy…
Also COLD Showers is my passion for almost 2 months…and increased Motivation is changing my life completely. Im now angry and hungry for success… I work as a court security officer and I found it as a small achievment so i want to join State Police in Czech Republic which is best armed force (Only army is better) also i dont like my Colleagues and one of them is heavy PMO addicted and his mind is Soooo toxic and poisoned and changed because of PMO ADDICTION…
Also as a PMO addicted Bastard i was always scary to join police because i thought i will fail psychological test. I didnt trust myself didnt had any confidence and NEVER SMILED at women and Girls… YES these are consequences of PMO Addiction

I wish you the best in your career journey and a happier life. You will definitely achieve your goals because you are on the right path, this will make your life problem-free. Look at it this way, if you want to build an easy racing road track, it must be paved in a good way and built stronger, that lasts longer and it should be as smooth as silk. And let’s say you want to gain maximum speed to reach from A to Z in minimum time without any hassle to go right or left. Then, the road should be straight, without any deviations, no right, no left curves, there should not be any rocks, no animals, no other vehicles to choke the road space to stop your speed (relate these roadblocks to your daily distractions and interruptions from people and things in life). To achieve success, cure addiction, your solutions should also be clearly defined and simplistic as well. The clearer the rules and vision, the faster and easier would be for you to achieve your target. Like the road, moving from A to Z as fast as you can. Now use this sort of strategy and thinking to achieve your goals.
Do your best. Reach your highest potential.

No , it was not a relapse .

Let me help you with this . When our body is fully reloaded with the required nutrition and minerals , the remained and unused use to be thrown out by the body due to the unsufficient space for it . So , when you was asleep on your bed the body found a perfect moment and reason for your undone rub of penis on the bed and thrown these semen .

Me too had a same relapse 1 month ago . I was in my dream with my class teacher . The class teacher said me too plant a tree for which i needed help and asked class teacher for help . She accepted my request and proceeded to help me and when she hold my hand and pull me from behind and then i came to nightfall and when i woke up i saw that i was lied down on my chest side . So , it says that my penis was feeling quite pressure from my body which changed my dream rules and ended with a nightfall .

Now , dont worry and continue with your streak and dont count nightfall as a relapse .
Example : If Nofart was a challenge and you joined Nofart committee would you control your dirty , un-needed fart when you were asleep . No , you wouldn’t controlled it . It’s simple , nightfall too release dirty , un-needed semen when we are asleeped .