Does the counter keep running even after you delete the app?

I just wondered what happens when someone deletes this app. Does the counter still keep running?

Most probably No. Because-

  1. It can be started even without signing up in the forum.
  2. The backup option in settings only backs up relapse logs and journal.

You can backdate the starting point of the counter at the time of starting it, so it hardly matters whether it keeps counting or not.


It doesn’t, however when the cloud storage update comes. It will :wink:


This exactly was what my concern was. I wished to understand how this potential problem is being addressed.

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I think the way to do that is to consider the account abandoned if there is no activity within a period of time, maybe one month or two.

It’s considered abandoned after a week, so most of the inaccurate data is filtered out that way. Don’t worry about it :slight_smile:


Or could you notify those individuals through email about it?

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