Does sex count as a relapse?

Does sex (and obviously blowing your load) count as a relapse?

I don’t condone doing sex every single day for I understand that I feel the effects after sex like lethargy, loss of drive, craving for junk food, and brain fog.

I guess that since there are physical, mental and even emotional challenging effects post-sex, I do believe that I should not do it anymore, but I wanted to hear other people’s opinions.

I remember Ben Shapiro said that he never has sex before marriage and his relationship has never been so holier and clearer. I am really considering this route now…


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Yeah…it does…

What are your goals? The best way to determine what counts as a relapse is to set specific goals. When something goes against those, its a relapse.

So, for me, sex before or outside of marriage is a relapse. Sex with my wife usually isn’t. But when I’m with her if I have thoughts about pornography then I count it as a relapse.

Hope that helps.


Exactly as @keepFighting said it depends on your goal, but generally there are three modes of nofap journey👇

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Depends on the mode you are following it varies.