Does real sex helps in Nofap or keep down the urge

Guys if you dont mind does real sex can really keep down the urge?

Or is it good but not achieving the same high that we get from PMO which makes you feel there’s still something is missing

Or is it a total different feeling? I think orgasm would still feel the same right?

Im fighting the urge right now. Your answer would really help me now

(I’m in a relationship and have sex regularly)

For me, it definitely helps with nofap but it is again not a solution. if you have sex instead of fapping then it is just equally bad
Having sex definitely should feel different because it is about feeling and not about pushing it in and out.

I think what you are describing is already pretty good. you feel that there is something missing if you watch porn. There is a reason why we are addicted to porn. Often there are deeper issues, which is why we watch porn. We are stressed or looking for recognition. But porn just can’t take away the source of the feelings and that is what you feel when you say that there is something missing.
Nofap is a long journey where you have to figure out why you are addicted. What these thing is that you are missing in life and what gives you urges

For me orgasm during sex and pmo feels totally different. Also while nofap the feeling while having sex changed

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I think this also goes a bit in the direction of your question

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It gives me Blue Balls( pain in balls )

It doesnt help in nofap. It leads me to relapse.

But you should fulfil your partner sex desires anyhow.
You have to become stronger than urges.
Love her but in moderation.

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