Does Precum affect streak

Guys here i have doubt that . When i get horny after a few time i found my self something ejaculated just like water and not much thick as semen. Later i found that it’s known as precum
It has been several times i got into this situation. Do i need to restart my streak


In my opinion,
Unless until you watch something erotic or edge.
Precum won’t effect your streak.

Btw it’s all depends on what you count as relapse…
Some people want to rewire completely so they won’t tolerate even a single peek.


I just get had some :underage: thoughts sometimes and that time i get precum do i need to restart my strk

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Control your thoughts by doing meditation…
And no need to reset the streak

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Which girl bro i don’t understand that

He is saying precum comes when you are thinking about any dirty things…nightfall is also happens for dirty we have to stop this…divert your mind.


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