Does it get out of hand

Is it just me or does it get a bit out of hand and do we start to forget an essential point?
Currently there are 10 elimination/challenge matches. Don’t get me wrong. I really love the idea of these matches.
I just found out for my self that I started to miss the point on what I am doing here.
A challenge is amazing to help against an urge and to push yourself farther. But besides that, working on your own mindset is at least equally as important as just fighting.
In my opinion, (and I really think that this is the right way to go) the way to quit porn should consist of two points:

  • No PMO -> here the challenges really help
  • replacing your old habits and mindsets with something healthy -> take your time to figure out why you are doing all of this and how you can spend your time better then before (I think spending time on games, youtube, social media or anything else that is highly addictive isn’t a good alternative).

Please continue with the challenges if they help you but don’t forget to change something in your life. It is not possible to quit porn (which we often spent hours per day doing) and not replacing it with something you like.