Does Imagination results in urge, even if you are not going to have any urge?

After a long period of time trying NOFAP for almost 6 months. I realised that my imagination was making me to masturbate even if I didn’t have any urge. My friend made me realise that and when I understand it belive me, It’s been 5 days and I am nit having any urge at all. I realised that I was living in an imaginary world. I wad imaging those girls in my mind, making those stories which would never come true and masturbating. It only destroys you. The girls whom I was thinking am jerking off are doing great things in their lives and having great time. What I was doing, masturbating. If you are also having this issue, if you got triggered by your imagination just think that you are living in an imaginary world. You have lot of things to do. Don’t waste your time. If you make yourself understand this. You will yourself start hating it. Try it and tell me