Does anyone on here have a goal; if so what's yours?

I just saw the movie No time to Die
and it had me thinking
James Bond had a goal
and when you have a goal, you do whatever it takes to make it there
You can say a Goal is a mission.
and a similar word to Mission is goal and you might also find interesting is the word Purpose
Purpose is (def) the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists

I have decided that my Goal isnt
To Win or Beat porn or to make it to day 100 or 1000 or 10,000

My Goal is to Live life to the fullest
and i cant do that with porn being in the way so i cut it off
My Goal is…
I Could not do that with being fat thats un healthy so i lost weight
My Goal is…
so i improve my self and learn skills ( not for work but things that interest I’m going to try painting soon)

Any way does any one have any Goals
Whats yours
Ps the No time to Die
Featureing Daniel Craig as James Bond was so good; im glad i got to see it
I wont say anymore for spoliers :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
has any one scene it yet,

  • I wanna write a book! On success and failure about PMO. AND I want to write a fictional book soon!
  • I want to make the right decision every morning when I wake up to do NoFap and to seek out GOD’s truth and to let him live through me that day
  • To evangelize! I’d really like to go out with some friends or maybe a girlfriend and spread the word with people :slight_smile: I’m single rn, but y’know!
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Evangelize with ur girlfriend
I’m not sure why I found everthing else more believable that that line were u said

good question tbh i am struggling with goals… i know it is very benefitial but iam afraid that if i decide to set a goal i could fail and suffer from my weakness and unworthyness…

but i hae decided to take your post as a sign form the universe that it is time to fromulate in which direction i want to go.

like you i want to enjoy life.- howver that strongly depends on the individual.
so here are some goals i want to achive that will help me enjoy my days.

  1. i want to grow meaning learn sth new every day since i am not really studying i am gonna pick up a book or sth to do that from today onwards :slight_smile:
  2. i want to be authentic meaning understnad myself, be with my self and express my self the way i truly am.
  3. i want to be happy with my self be kind to me when i fail, to motivate and enjoy my successes
  4. i want to follow “teals advice” and make decisions following the principle of what woudl someone who loves him self do?

these are “process oriented goals”
here are some goal oriente ones:
I want to be independent. financially and socially.

you also asked for a mission i am not very clear on that yet but i want to make this wolrd a better place for others and for me. it would be great to do introduce a better social system that is more sustainablke than capitalism… that however is still very abstract which shows me i stillahve quite a bit to learn about my self and the topics i care about…

best regards :wink: lookig forward to tohers goals:
maybe @Samaranjay @someBody13 @anon67854825 @alphadude @prothekter_aden @anon3047577 @immortal227 @Chelsea_Burnett @STORY_OF_A_GREAT_LOSER @anon9498230 or anyone elsemight want to share xD ( i would have mentioned more but i have a limit of 10 -.-^



I want to start a Real estate mafia and be a gangster at the same time. I also want to be a person who has a lot of political influence so I can bend the laws according to my wishes. Last but not the least, I want to start various NGOs, NPOs, charitable trusts and various other such organisations so that I can launder all my black money




Here are a few of my goals:

  1. To get a top rank in the exam I am preparing for
  2. To get a ripped lean body
  3. To get a consistent well paying job
  4. Secure a good wife and family
  5. Improve myself to the point that I’ll be able to support my family in all kinds of situations and everyone enjoys being around me

So basic middle class goals :joy:


elaborate why this means middle class goals pls?

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I just meant my goals are pretty basic not something extravagant :sweat_smile:
Me writing that can also have something to do with the show I am watching with my family now a days :joy:.
It’s about a middle class family


My goals… huh…

  1. Get better at every fucking thing I can do/think of.
  2. Getting independent from early age(before 21)
    That’s it till now…

My goals

  1. Make a living off of what I love
  2. Get an aesthetic body
  3. Get my girlfriend and meet the rest of her family
  4. Make a living off of the shit i love doing (beats, graphic design, visual effects)
  5. Finding out who i am and having pride in it
  6. Living an overall happy life lol
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My goals are-

  • Get into a top medical college in my country and hopefully become a doctor after 8-9 years.
  • Get ripped, muscular and improve my physical appearance.

I don’t prefer to keep too many habits and goals as its really distracting from what really matters.

You can try reading about Warren Buffet’s 25-5 rule achieve high productivity and success.


Hold on lemme explain. Ok, so the girl that I like currently said she is really socially akward. I’m trying to get her out of her comfort zone, plus her vocabulary is way bigger than mine!! So if I forgot a word or cpuldn’t find one she could help me out in that situation. Other than that I’d just go with my best pal because he could literally probably quote the whole bible from memory XD

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Funny you called me out… I don’t feel competent at all when it comes to goals. But I can try… There are some missions I have:

  1. Understand the world as best as I can (hence physics as means to an end)
  2. Be the best version of myself.
  3. Bring happiness to people around me.

I guess that sums me up. However, more specific short-term goals include:

  1. Finish my PhD.
  2. Obtain JLPT N2 certificate
  3. Get accepted for an internship at certain university in Germany
  4. Recover from a long of mental breakdown I had during last years lockdown
  5. If health allows me, finally obtain black belt in Aikido

So there’s that… To be perfectly honest, I’m not a long-term planner and I work stuff out on the fly, therefore I might seem sightly underdefined… Nevertheless, here I am. I could possibly think of more goals here, more there, but that’s at least a fraction of them ^^`


My goal is clean pants…everyday


My goal is building a great physique and as a student get better at studies and my ultimate goal is to become an Hollywood actor

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uh a fellow german huh? xD


Ich glaube dass ich ein bisschen Deutsch sprechen kann, aber nein, ich bin nicht aus Deutschland. Ich komme aus Polen.

But don’t try to get much more German out of me… Anyhow, yeah, just bring the borders :wink:

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Do you like this girl?
And if you do does she know u like her.

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What does that mean I don’t get it?