Does anyone else find it challenging at the very start?

I’m new to this program and it’s only been 0D, 19h so far and I’m already finding it challenging. I’m not going to give up of course, but am fighting the strong urge that is very distracting. I imagine it will get more difficult before it gets easier, but does anyone else find this very challenging even at the very start? Any recommendations to make it easier?

Note: I’m not doing it for religious reasons (although I respect anyone who is) and I don’t have ED, but I do believe it interferes with my life and achieving my goals.
I’m looking to become the best version of myself that I can be.

Thanks everyone.

Day 0 is always the hardest. It will take huge amounts of willpower and tricks to get past day 0. For me, starting with a strong resolve is crucial. Thoughts like “i can change. I must do something radical to get out of this addiction” helps. Then i create some distraction or diversion from normal routine and behaviour patterns


Thanks for your input @donkeykong!

It’s very hard for me as well, I haven’t gone more than 2 weeks without porn…

The first couple of days are very very hard. Then first week is very challenging, second week is testing, third week can have hard moments and after that It’s generally not so bad but it all depends on the person and their lifestyle.

Good to know. Day two is easier then yesterday. Although I’m new to this group, I’ve never gone more than 5 days, ever. I suspect it will get harder over the next few days since it’s the farthest I’ve gone, but very interesting to hear from you that overall it will get easier over time. Good to know.