Does anybody here know how to block images on Twitter?

Hello guys, I have bad news, today I was scrolling trough my Twitter feed minding my own business until I stumbled to porn, and something on my mind just broke and I couldn’t stop, so I relapsed, and here I am.
I know I’m an idiot.
I don’t want this to happen again so I want to block all images and videos on Twitter, mainly on desktop. Could you guys point me to a guide on how to achieve this?
Appreciate all your support!
God bless


I suggest to stay away from social media for atleast you get a decent streak.
I don’t think Twitter is more important to than getting rid of this addiction.

Your No.1 priority should be nofap, and for that you need to make bold decisions.

When I say No.1 priority, I don’t to always keep thinking about nofap, rather do productive things and be busy with it so that you don’t have time for filth like pmo.

Idle time is calling for devil to attack you. So comon.


I found a way using pluckeye! Thnks guys


Tbh. I am not a twitter fan. I open once in a decade. But unfortunately, sililar to your situation, I broke my 23 days streak because of Twitter and Discord (seems weird but yeah thats true).
I deleted both. So, best to do is delete them, and try to work on a new habit; that is, try to get less connected to social media and phone.


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