Do you have read the book

The toaist love and cultivation of male sexual energy.

There is a subtopic in the book that said that If we are regularly using our semen then our organs are getting weaker. During regular masterbation our body used to borrow paran energy from tissue of the body.

Second thing that I like this article

There is a widespread belief among many professional sports
coaches that an athlete who makes love the night before a big game
loses his competitive edge. This is a controversial topic and a sur-
vey of existing opinion on the subject is inconclusive. Clive Davis,
editor of the Journal Of Sex Research, looked into the effects of
having sex before competition and concluded “You can always
find anecdotal reports to support any position you want to take, but
certainly you couldn’t support either side medically.”
Top-ranked prize-fighters are the most vociferous in contend-
ing that they cannot violate natural laws without paying a stiff
price. Ken Norton publicly stated that he gave up sex for eight
weeks before his first fight with Ali and abstained for a similar
length of time in subsequent Ali fights. “A couple of times in my
first 10 or 11 fights, when I didn’t abstain from sex, I think it hurt
me.” Norton said that he believed that “9 out of 10” fighters giveup sex while training for a bout. Joe Frazier, who also fought Ali,
felt very strongly about the damaging effects of ejaculatory sex: “If
you mess around before a fight you don’t have any reserve energy
It is rumored that the great Muhammed Ali observed strictest
sexual continence for as long as one year before his bouts. He
didn’t publicize this because he keeps his training methods secret.


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