Do you feel this?

After fapping, do you feel like difficulty in getting up next morning,unable to think clearly,worse feeling irritated for no reason ??


Yes i feel the same way

Sometimes but not always

Yeah like foggy mind, little energy , memory is so foggy, wanting to still do things but your body won’t let you, you start to remember what you promised yet didn’t complete, and unmotivated. It’s basically how I feel everytime I relapse haha.


If you are doing daily m* then no problems because your body adjusts automatically.
But doing m* after so many days then suddenly you will see some changes


Body doesn’t adjust. But it just gets used to the lower energy due to energy loss from masturbation.


Yes doing m** after so many days ,it is causing me nasty experience
I wish I hadn’t beaten my little dude

I don’t have alcoholic or smoking or porn addiction
But I have something more worse addiction, which is I fap watching my neighborhood aunty, something which I have been doing since I was in class 10
Now I have graduated but still my addiction hasn’t changed a bit

It’s like every time I see ,my brain is hardwired to fap watching her

I will beat this addiction at any cost to become a better person


Wow dude. How did this start? It’s the first time I hear of that kind of story around here.

I feel exhausted with some relief. I’ve this Shame or something else When I’m fapping.

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After relapse , I get in that binge cycle and it’s hard to get back on track. Social life gets really low , confidence level goes to zero so can’t enjoy anything . That guilt remains for 3 days at least. And i can’t focus or can’t face any girl can’t make eye contact. So this is why I stopped fapping. I have completed one month without relapsing and now I’m proud of myself and confidence is high so my social life is great everything I do with enthusiasm :heart: this is gift of nofap


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