Do you feel the same?


I have not PMOed in 5 days and these last 2 days i have felt depressed and hopeless. Is this normal?


Well yes because the brain is still used to instant happiness and gratitude because of porn so you rewire your brain to be patient and wait for happiness as days pass.


This is what flatline really means. Just chill. It will go away.

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Don’t worry dude you just try to be happy, my advice is to spend your time with your friends.

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Yes this is normal. You’re doing fine.

It’s ok to feel sad, but that doesn’t mean that you necessarily have to wallow in the depression. It’s always a good idea to go out (even on your own) and keep busy doing something that you like, even if it doesn’t immediately lift you up. See what your energy levels feel like and pick something to do.

But yes, you have the permission to feel whatever you are feeling (including depressed and hopeless) as long as you remember that this feeling will pass at some point.