Do you consider pornography a digital drug?

When you say drug as in addiction and side affects then in my opinion its a no brainer yes it’s a digital drug. Like l said in previous post and people’s dm the main thing bad about porn is lust. Unfortunately this world well at least a lot of countries don’t have good health education because i would wager if we knew about our sexuality then technically speaking we can better prepare. The porn business is massive and majority of the time people come across it by accident and curiosity is what leads us into temptation and down the path of addiction. I believe with the right education it will make us think twice before watching and education about sex and all will teach us that this porn is fake. I’m not saying it’s fool proof but education is one of the answers to cripple the business.
Anyways what is done is done and everyone here is addicts.
Porn is evil slowly changing your mindset from loving and caring to sex craving which is how rapers are born.
So if you reading this well you stuffed up pretty badly but there is hope.
Even if you kept trying… try try try until you succeed.
Remember this
Whoever made the lightbulb (Google it lol l can’t be bothered as im inspired to type here) kept failing but he said l kept successful have 1000 ways of not to make a lightbulb and eventually one way was the right way. Be like that guy. Don’t look at mistakes as failures but lessons learned and a new opportunity to start again.
All the best everyone and stay STRONG
God bless you


Yep, you bet I do :innocent::+1:

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