Do the uncalled for boners go away?

Hey guys, I’m considering a date if I can pull it off with a girl from a dating app. Even just looking at profile pictures gets me erect though.

If we go on a hike (basically the only possible date idea during covid) I’m almost sure I’ll have a boner for the most part and it may even be hard to focus. I’m just curious what you guys do (if anything) to help in this situation? Does it get easier at a certain milestone?


Fyi I’m on day 10 – which is the longest I’ve gone since probably 12 years ago without ejaculating (when I was 15).

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I didn’t meet anyone when I am on the streak… But I can say this.

I was in a long distance relationship and everytime the pleasure talk came between us, I can’t stop myself from fapping and I did it eventually. Video calls, audio calls, chats doesn’t matter, thinking of her made me relapse.

I am not against actual real pleasure… But make sure that you wont touch yourself while with her or after the date even, let her do it if needed incase you want to take it to the next step, and keep your thoughts in check while on date. And tell her what you are going through so that she wont tease you when you are not together.

If in anycase you get horny, know that its natural and wait till the feeling goes away instead of fapping. If you get blueballs, just stretch yourself, excersise, or take a cold shower. But whatever you do, dont just make out instead of involving in the real thing, coz that will always lead to blueballs… And then you come back home and you cant stop yourself from fapping.

Just be honest about your situation with her, if she is really a good person and if she’s right for you, she will understand.


Thanks for thinking ahead. I can see how that would make it hard not to relapse. As a single guy I know this issue will come up at some point.

So basically you mean don’t make out, only have sex? This would be a first date, I wish I had a way to know if she was down but you know how that goes.

It’s a crazy with covid around and no fap, so one good thing is that I could even just not make out because of covid and use that as an excuse.

Just curious do you mean there could be a point after x day streak that this could all get easier? Maybe at day 21?

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