Do sex only after marriage

Why are you living in the fake life? All you see in the porn is just imagination. All you imagine in your mind and doing fap in imagination is fake. I know it is the easiest method and It is more pleasurable than real sex but why we are living in fake world.

Think about it. Spend time alone and think about it.

Enjoy the real pleasure in your life. When you will start nofap journey, you will get real pleasure in little things.

Promise with yourself, only ejaculate after marriage otherwise do no waste your semen. The world do not want us to be successful. The porn websites know the side-effects of ejaculation. How we are destroying our life.

Take a time, think in alone place and promise yourself that i will only ejaculate after marriage.


And what about nightfalls? Your mind kind of skipped that part while typing this I think :joy:


do you know why nighfall happens? Because porn or doing fap is registered in our subconscious mind. It is the reason of nightfalls.
When you will totally free your mind from the wrong thoughts about girls then your nightfalls will stop.
Always remember nighfall is cause of consuming wrong content and it will disappear when you will continue to practice through meditation.


:question: :question: :thinking:


I totally agree with u brother :relaxed:


I came to know it’s your first post. Nice post keep spreading positivity.


Damn is that so?
I know that during initial days of abstinence nightfalls are more common but I don’t think they disappear completely even with long time abstinence :sweat_smile:.
I have myself experienced this, when you stay clean for long you won’t have sexual dreams but nightfalls still happen once in a while though completely without any kind of dream, they are natural way of body to release excess semen. There were times I remember when I had no dream whatsoever but still it was wet down there :sweat_smile:.


It’s due to food we eat today’s era. Junk food is also cause. Simple food eater never have them.


Yeah that’s true. But I’ve never seen a single person who is on no fap and has never experienced a nightfall, even people on high streaks face them though less often but still.

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Yeah if they try simple food they will not. Today we can’t imagine simple food in our life without junk one.


Well that’s true. Even simple food (in our country) has some spices or oil :joy:. So no escaping it.


Yeah you’re right. Today’s life is really different.


Before I start fapping, I always had a nightfalls aka wet dreams. Wet dreams is the best for body excessive semen and another sexual fluid and best experiences to the physical and mental health… It natural ways of our body… I my religion, Islam, if you had wet dreams is not a sins, because you are not in state of consciousness. I belief it Act of God… After I brought myself to fapping world i never experiences wet dreams anymore :pensive::pensive::pensive:. All sweet memories in wet dreams before, being lefted as nostalgia :pensive::pensive::pensive:. I feel regret for doing that fapping+porn sins… I want my wet dreams back!!!


If they are good why Islam says you got wetdream. Now take bath to become clean before prayers? And Islam tells methods to avoid them?

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Yeah that’s because fapping also leads to loss of semen.
I have strted experiencing nightfalls only after I started no fap journey.
Welcome to the community brother, this is a great community, hope you’ll be able to achieve good streaks now on. Stay here, join some challenges, strt self improvement journey, stay clean (no PMO), you’ll start experiencing nightfalls, it’s natural.


Hey bro, regarding the wetdreams, iam not here to tell whether it is good or not, but taking bath is also after an intercourse with our spouse, so there is that.

It is the ejaculation which conditions us to clean ourselves(taking bath) before the prayers.

And that guy was right when he said it is not a sin if we have wetdreams, as it is natural.

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You didn’t replied my second point

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Which one bro? U mean taking bath before prayers? Or about methods to avoiding them?

This one it was main point no one will talk.

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Yes we have been given the methods to avoid it, but still it doesn’t change the fact that it is not a sin if you have wetdreams, even if you don’t take measures for avoiding it, you are not sinful. Don’t use your logic here, if Allah said it is not a sin, then it is not a sin.

I don’t care what that guy said above, regarding wanting wetdreams back in his life. You can ask him that.

Hope you got it.