Do not ignore this

:heart: He fell into a dark hole and suffocated from its tightness, so when they threw the rope at him to take him out, he wrapped it around his neck tightly, they pulled the rope and he died of suffocation…!!
:heart:You will think that he is a crazy person; What makes someone wrap the rope around his neck at the moment when he is waiting for salvation and exit from a dark hole…!!
:heart: Do not be surprised that this is exactly the case of someone who, if something narrows him down or darkens around him, flees to disobedience, under the illusion that it may breathe something out of his distress and it only increases its narrowness, suffocation, and death…!!
:heart: in short; Sadness is not removed by masturbation, and distress is not removed by pornography; Those who were negligent thought that it was a purifier for the breasts, so they only increased through its darkness, narrowness, and emptiness…!!
:heart:Do you want to grab that rope to get out of that tight hole or do you want to wrap it around your neck? How do you want to stay in that prison even tho the door of freedom is wide open in front of you?
:heavy_heart_exclamation:Stay strong, fight back, resist, it’s for your own good. I am waiting for you to tell everyone about your journey after you succeed.


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