Do nofap improves physical features Also?

Will my body get better…I’m also healthy now …

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REPLY fastttt guyzzzzz

i think it is highly unlikely that nofap will change your physical appearence.

it could be that you look tired -> around the eyes or in general bad mood which could lead to your opinion that you look different with and without porn.
you can also look energy less.

but also why do so many people care about the effects of porn on they physical appearence??
we don’t live in a porn life. people don’t care that much about minor details of you look (and if they do, than you definitely don’t wanna have her as your girlfriend)


But bro I look little different when I get absent from no fap…I have lite skin tone but don’t have that glow…

Your doing nofap for girls… The way you thinking it’s not going to work… Don’t focus on girls improve yourself and show them no attention at all and they will come for you… But just stop getting all caught up with nofap and getting girls… It’s not like that Dont be desperate


The answer is ‘NO’

But again, what do you want to hear?

Ok guyzz…thanxxxxxx

It is true that when you do NoFap your self-esteem increases, people notice when you have high self-esteem and they think is attractive (not physically, but in personality)


Bro, just a friendly advice, why do you need to stop pmo just for attractiveness??. There are lots of other things which can motivate you from staying away from PMO. See, for example you abstained from PMO over a long time, but in the unlikeliest of situation you didn’t had a gf. Then you may feel that * it is all for naught* . Instead focus on changing your body joining gym, for that if you stopped pmo, it will motivate you all the same.


Bhai ladkiyan tere peeche bhaagegi…

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