Do Masturbation cause fear

from fear I mean fear like a kid,like a monster will get out of below my bed and eat me,like a parasite like creature will start hanking on my ceiling fan
Like I did when I was 5 years old or something,now I am an adolescent boy.Sometime I get out of my room to where my relatives are.I don’t even watch horror movies…


I think yes , because I’m a 30 year old man and I feel like everyone is watching me or there something is going to kill me , you feel like you are afraid of people . Or what Thay are going to say .


Yeah Low self steam is due to PMO ! It kills man confidence and make them anti-social being ! Then we don’t like hanging out with people ! We start thinking we are average. Practice Nofap and You will see a change yourself More fearless and confident to do and try out things !
And Search for self development stuff, work on yourself learn public speaking skills and work on your fashion sense no matter what you wear, wear it the best way ! Always be confident ! Change your live brothers this is the right time new year is about to begin ! Best of Luck to everyone who is fighting out there :fire: You are better than those who don’t even know about this curse this will take time you will face a lot of defeats just don’t ever give up

Porn can Kill, Nofap can Heal :beginner:


When I relapsed while I got a good chunk of dopamine after that I got gripped in the anxiety.
So yes in my personal experience it causes fear


Self esteem*
I was confused for a bit :joy:


Masturbation causes fear of getting caught.


:joy: :joy: :joy:
Yeah me too


Ayy youre assigning a challenge right?

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@1234Manu Then???

Can you masterbate infront of anyone without fear? That’s why it creates fear .!
.can a theif stole any thing without fear !


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