[Discussion]A whole new way to look at relapses

Simple solution don’t fap.
My way would encourage everyone to make a regular increment in their streaks.
If someone goes for 30 days and then relapse.
And again goes for 2 days and relapse.
His streak will go from 30 to 15.
That will be frightening as well as disheartening.
The self respect and will to achieve the higher ratio will steer him clear off the relapse.
In short.

Mine method is too be strong since beginning.


I 100% agree with what you are wanting! I think it might be helpful to have this graph and you can choose the timeframe for relapses.

Let’s say I relapse 20 times in 4 months, 12 times in first month, 4 times in 2nd, 3 in 3rd and 1 in 4th.
The graph can be altered to show:
per 4 months = average of 5/month with a 6 day streak average
per 2 months = average of 8/month for first 2 months with an average of 4 day streak, average of 2/month for 2nd Two months with an average of 15 day streak, or
Per 1 month = average of 12/m, then 4/m, then 3/m then 1/m, with average streaks of 2.5, 7.5, 10, 30.
You can clearly see the improvement in each month.

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@Heathanator117 Yup !!

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