Disciplined 100days Challenge Companion

Hi there!
Some of you might remember me from last year when I was active on this site. I reached 110 days and relapsed, then 60, and now 23.

I am not mad about my relapses because they led me to improve every time, physically and mentally. I respect my efforts and how proactive I was when on a streak (became one of the best students at my college, improved all of my skills, my finances improved, friendships, etc), and my relapses only made the desire to be the greatest, even larger.

But - there is something missing. I want to see that 3 digit number again. I need to reach the heights again, but cannot do it alone.

I need someone - a brother, and a warrior with a disciplined mindset - who is serious about this. We’ll keep each other accountable every time an urge hits, or when one of us makes a significant improvement outside the “noPMO” field.

I’ll help you and you’ll help me. But remember, we’ll be in this together.

Are you up for it?

Stay Sharp.


Hey! I’m in, tell me how can I add you as a friend? :woozy_face: I don’t understand this site well.


I am ready for it ! Brother ! @anon72572146
Sharing Code- ko8y31

What’s your sharing code? I’ll add you.

Hey @rewire_user I remember you!
I added you.
I’ll text you in private message.


1000 Days will Discipline, Blow my mind !
Everyday being disciplined also, I want to say Not to Focus on Nofap much the score (streak) will take care of itself !
Let’s be disciplined for the rest of the Year !
This is the Year I started with a lot of determination, But I guess this is the Year when I have relapsed the most in these three months !
But Now I wanna achieve a great streak and I wanna perform my best in my upcoming exams !
I wanna become the best version of myself !

No more staying mediocre, I am Born for Greatness !

:fire: :muscle:


I’m in too!
My code: eikwvz


Added you and sent message:)

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I am in bro.
Sharing code: oc0gg2

What’s your sharing code?

My code: 7aedf4
add me

added you …

Aight, texted you in PM:)

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