Discipline challenge (Being out of comfort Zone)

In this challenge you will be learning to do things out of your comfort Zone
Cold showers
Trying new things etc.

This challenge will teach you to do things out of your comfort zone which will help in your nofap journey.


Here’s another discipline challenge about fitness.

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This dude’s literally going on to challenge people in changing every aspect of life :joy: . Well appreciable brother . Keep going , following this one as always

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Bro you are in literally every other challenge here :joy:, how do you manage so many challenges all at once.

Nothing just curiosity to challenge myself :joy: . I feel good when I succeed in making it that day and it increases my confidence while if am not able to do so , it teaches me to not waste any time .

  • I have kept all of them in watching so yeah I keep getting reminded by the notifications
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btw why is this challenge not started yet ? I just noticed it now

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Because no one participated I think :sweat_smile:

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