Disaster's Daily journal: Staying true to myself

From today onwards I’ll journal on this post daily. This is a reminder to myself. Any fellow brothers invited to share their daily updates. I’ll post everday on 8.30pm ist (3.00 pm utc). I am an Indian


Today’s day was great. This quarantine period I’m retrying my lost hobby and love for drawing and animation. I’m still at the drawing stage. Trying out digital art. So to improve my art skills I’m taking this 100 days art challenge. Where I’ll draw everday for 100 days. Ok that’s all for now I’ll come by tomorrow again.

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So I had decided for 100 days of drawing yesterday and still haven’t started yet! Lol​:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. Working on it but will definitely, try to start tmrw. Did some meditation and collected material for it from torrent sites. I’m thinking of contuing meditation. Through this app called waking up. I’ll try to stop procrastinating. I spend too much of my time researching and collecting material rather than actually acting on it. That all for now. Give it ur best :+1:


Welcome Brother @disaster. (Wired user name you have :wink:) . We are all here to help and support you. Do Meditation without fail. It is very important. Practice exercising too.
Come to this forum everyday and read about the success and failures of our brothers. Remember that you are not alone. It gives a lot of motivation.

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Thanks a lot for your support brother :pray::+1::+1:

Today was another wonderful day. I did plan to do 100 days of drawing and still haven’t started instead played Assassin’s creed all day but did do meditation. One step at a time I guess. No need to get disheartened but to keep going forward is the way. That’s all for now I’ll be back tomorrow :+1::blush:


Finally started 100 days of sketching. 1st sketch today many more to come. Looking forward to keep going.

Today was day 2 of 100 days of sketching and yes I’m consistent idid it for 2 days after all​:sweat_smile:. Let’s hope I hav the same energy tmrw too. Other than that I’m still meditating. Today was 8th day of meditation. Proud of myself for sticking to those 2 commitments. Currently I plan too stick to these 2 only as we know one step at a time. That’s all for now let’s win tmrw’s day as well. :v:

So i have been meditating daily and today was the 15th day of it feeling really good about myself for sticking for so long on something. As I said I’m also doing 100 days of sketching. And that streak is 8 consecutive days. Although I m not posting updates daily this is really helping. To atleast share my journey somewhere. I’m using the app called “Habits” to track the 2 of them. Seeing that streak feels really good about myself and want to keep pushing myself. Everyday is not sunshine and rainbows and today is one such day. I was feeling really lonely, lethargic and bored. But when I started writing this post it felt nice to see how much I have come ahead 15 or 8 days might not be a big thing for everyone but it’s definitely something for me. I can’t remember the last time I was this consistent on anything. Ah … It feels good to get it all out. I’ll go back to sketching now,… See u again. Keep going.!!!

Although I m not posting daily updates but I’m still following meditation and 100 days of sketching. And guess what today I got my first gig on Fiverr. Even if it’s just 5 dollars it means a lot to me as I am getting it doing what I love.