Disappointed with myself

Really disappointed with myself today. After resisting some big urges successfully the last few days I then wantonly gave in but I partly blame instagram. I got sent 2 separate sexually suggestive messages in my inbox from made up accounts (no doubt) linking to a local hookup site. Instead of instantly deleting them I toyed with following the links then browsed instagram for soft porn but didnt stop there did l?
Decided to watch a few hours of porn on tablet not yet locked down with accountability software. If I had deleted those bloody msgs straightaway I wouldn’t have ended up bloody indulging myself. I had a choice. I made the wrong bloody choice. I’ve got a date tomorrow don’t want to fuck it up by being depressed and unmotivated…
Shit it’s done now. Was thinking how did my thinking change from I need to resist this as long as possible and pmo is bad etc to oh fuck it I am going to fucking enjoy myself?


P.M.O is like a chain of dominos.
From what I have learned during my last 7 - 8 months against porn is that Porn plays the most important in relasping, it’s the first domino that starts the chain.
Dont make your aim to fight against masturbation, instead fight porn because it only doesn’t leads to a relapse it fucks up your mind.
Your opinion of women changes, lust replaces love and that is very dangerous.

Boycott porn completely and cut this habit from the roots, but remember I am not motivating you for you to fall back again, make sure this last relapse is the last time you ever watched porn, promise youself that you will NEVER watch porn again.

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I know that’s the right attitude of course. Even masturbation can lead to a porn fail a day later and any kind of edging, soft porn, sexy adverts will lead down the same path. Of course the goal should be to NEVER EVER EVER EVER watch porn again and that is the right fkg attitude. Case in point I feel fkg pissed off today but if I hadn’t failed I’d probably feel calmer. So yeah I’ll aim to NEVER fail again but if I do fail then By GOD I will get back up again. It’s all about the thought processes. What the fuck are we/ am I thinking when I Fucking fail? I know this shit is bad so what the fuck am I playing at? Oh yeah it’s a fucking addiction… I want a relationship not this fucking shit…

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We will beat this habit


@Rebooter81 PMO is a weakness. Some of us are better at standing up to it.

I think we are all trying to find the path where every day we say no to PMO. I hope you have a good date anyways. If you are serious about nofap I’m sure you will get better at saying no every day. Learn what you can from relapses so you relapse less often. Good luck :crossed_fingers:.

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