Dilemmatic Relapse

I have had blue balls from day 16 to 18, and it’s getting worse and worse. That’s exactly why I blew up and boom… relapsed… feeling a little bit tired and then headache afterwards. What should I do?


Blue balls are caused due to edging, you can apply ice or take a cold shower to get out of the pain. Get up again brother. Make a follow up plan, take small steps one day at a time, go clean.

I also recommend you to study the harmful effects of masturbating and also the benefits. Once you realise it’s wrong , then make it right.


Sometimes… without edging… blue balls occurs.
The reason is simple… you are habitual of throwing your energy downward.
Your whole life you did this… now all of a sudden… you are trying to Raise your Energy. This takes time.

Instant Solution Drink a lot of water and piss frequently. Within few minutes… The Pain will be gone.

Your body needs time to get habitual of hard mode. As you go on for years… Your Energy will no longer go down… and it will rise up beyond your head… and connect with the universe.


Ok thanks for the advice!

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Great advice thanks!


It was caused by triggering thoughts, not edging, so I tried push-ups but it only increased the urges.

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But life’s hard that’s why we PMO

Also try to piss n poop when blue balls pains. It helped me releasing pressure in area.
Life is hard, but any addiction will make it harder for sure. Stay Strong!


There is always an option.
You take the easy option.
Try the hard option and feel invincible.


Loneliness and stress of studies are already hard and embarrassing enough to bear. I don’t need more unnecessary difficulties without good purpose.

What are your reasons for escaping this addiction?

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Girls. Prestige. Intelligence. Peace. Comfort. God’s love and defense.