Digital Detox Practice

Nowadays I’m hearing the word “Digital Detox” here and there, also watched some YouTube videos and benefits of it but those were not clear on the whole progress and rules.

The main reason why I’m creating this thread is to understand from a realtime person, how it works? what are all the things that needs to be followed? How long will it take to rewire/detox completely? and this thread can be useful for others who are willing to participate.

As a start I’m planning to do this for 7 days starting from coming Sunday (6th Sep 2020), as I mentioned earlier in my journal posts, I have already uninstalled FB, Instagram, telegram from my mobile still have WhatsApp for general chattings if needed I’m ready to remove this as well. Similar to social media apps do we need to remove games( I have subway surfer and FTS 2019) from mobile or should we not use our mobile at all :sweat_smile:?

If anyone knows please answer my questions and share your thoughts, thanks in advance :blush:

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Guys can anyone help me about this? Haven’t got any reply from anyone :grimacing:

I haven’t watch many videos related to this but I guess it is similar to our fapping. the amount of dopamine is similar
other than that I’ll tell something that corresponds to Hindu scriptures. mind when uncontrolled is our worst enemy but when controlled is our best friend
mind has a tendency to jump from one thing to another (similar to a monkey), this tendency makes it dangerous
Intermet provides perfect ground for this tendency to come up. thus making it unstable. just like mind wants to jump from one thought to another, internet has tons of videos and links and as mind wants it will jump from one link to another. consequently the ability to focus diminishes. because mind can’t stay still at one thing. thus I conclude that it reduces our focus. other than that, we get so much of input that our own creativity gets zero. mind gets lazy. while in the process of detoxing we would feel irritated due to absense of that constantly new input

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before internet existed, people would gossip on stuff. and I guess u understand how topic changes (about the thing people are talking) at any instant. In the end it was just a fruitless discussion and a complete waste of time. you can again see how mind jumps from one topic to another, just like a monkey. however one can’t gossip all day. in case of internet it is not like that. add privacy to it and it becomes a heaven for the monkey mind. can do anything, can go anywhere


Bro @EvilMorty stay away from the digital novelty. That is the simple basis of digital detox.

This is actually the perfect analogy for this thank you brother @Nep1234id . I don’t know as much as I should about this, but I know that the human brain craves novelty. Before the internet, the only way to get this novelty was to actually travel to new places, meet new people, do or learn new things etc. But right now, we can get novelty like crazy! Instagram, News Feeds, YouTube, Reddit posts, hell, even this very forum I am talking to you on, are constant, continuous, easy access sources for novelty. You get new shit every millisecond or so, just by a swipe or by a scroll.

Have you ever seen people just scrolling on Instagram, like just scrolling? All they ever do is fucking scroll through their feed. They don’t even TRY to appreciate what they are looking, or take in the images, their only instinct is to SCROLL! This makes them fucking zombies, they are not addicted to the content itself, but to just the scrolling ie novelty. To the brain, a person scrolling on insta is meeting tons of new people every second and learning their experiences which is so fun! Now, when you couple this novelty with sexual desire, both of which are our innate primal urges, the result is pure destruction. This is the reason porn is just as addictive as synthetic drugs or even slightly more.

To answer your question, I believe what we really need to do is cut off EVERY single source of novelty available to us in the digital realm. If anything gives you dopamine through novelty, cut that shit out of your life - Reddit,Insta,YT, music platforms(if you continuously switch through the songs without listening to one, thinking aboit it and appreciating it. Music ain’t bad in itself) rewire forum, video games, anything that gives you useless pleasure and dopamine, especially if it comes from novelty. Use devices only for their root purpose : phones for essential communication, computers for actual work and “computing” :grin:, say fuck you to any and all devices which are solely entertaining - gaming consoles, TVs, all the other bullshit.

I am intending to take a digital detox tomorrow- ie 0000 to 2359 6th September. I desperately need it. I will be locking up the fucking phone, any and all messages I will intentionally miss. I am not going to do anything tech related in this 24 hours. I will use this time to get more real with myself, meditating, reading texts, trying to train my monkey brain to stay still and focus. If you are interested, you can join me. I would love to hear your opinions and thoughts.


Thanks for the thoughts and ideas brothers @Nep1234id @neetwarrior :pray: I’m going to start this from tonight i.e starting from nxt 2hrs 12.00AM to 12th Sep 11:59PM :pray: once the challenge is completed successfully will comeback to the forum and share my experience on 13th Sep.

Staying strong :muscle: To infinity and beyond :v:


Successfully completed one week of partial digital detox :slight_smile:

As I mentioned earlier, started my practice from 6th Sep 12:00AM. Switched off my phone and locked it away on the first day and started spending some quality time on reading the history of world war 1 & 2 really interesting topic to learn.

On the upcoming days (Mon to Fri) I had to work, as an IT guy I need my laptop, so I had no other option but to use laptop. Earlier if I got time, I use to watch some science and motivation videos on YouTube but during this period I quit them as well. Used laptop only for office work alone. Aannnnnd the big exception was, I needed my phone to connect with my colleagues for office stuffs :confused: as I’m still Working from Home I had no other option, so I took my SIM card and used it on my old basic mobile only for calls not even played that snake game :grimacing: also haven’t watched TV as well.

So as laptop and basic mobile as exception, I have completed partial digital detox :muscle: on the other days 6th Sunday and 12th Saturday, I have not used both devices, spent time on reading. Once the clock passed 12AM of Sep 13th I turned on my smartphone only to visit our forum :blush:

Benefits I noticed,

  • No trigger at all!!

This may be a good thing guys, we are getting triggers and urges because of the technology we are using, if we go back to 10-15yrs in terms of technology, it’s really hard to get triggers

  • Peace of mind

Taking a challenge and completing it gives certain peace of mind :blush:

As in no fap we have normal, hard, monk modes, I guess I have completed normal mode of digital detox and I’m planning to continue this practice with certain intervals. I would really suggest people who are struggling with triggers to take up this practice/challenge to get better :blush:

Growing stronger :muscle: To infinity and beyond :v:


Oh hell yes. There’s a certain joy in feeling disconnected from everything and just being in the moment.

Yes brother. As I had told you that day, I had gone on a full 24 hour hard digital detox. The feeling during it was amazing. It’s a small commitment to make, just tell all the important contacts what you are doing, and unless you have really essential work, it is not that difficult to practice. We should do this often, in regular intervals. If you we use tech all the time, just stay away fully for 24 whole hours atleast twice a month. I think regular digital detoxes can do a lot of good, for our development and discipline. :smile:

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Exactly brother, will be practicing at a regular intervals :v:

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