Digabat's Diary



Current Streak: Day Zero


Great video my friend! Thanks for sharing!


Current Streak: Day One


Current Streak: Day 0


Day Zero after a short streak.


Day One. Immediate Goal : 7 days.


I’m with you Bro!


Day Two. Immediate Goal: (2/7 days).


Good to see you rising mate!

I’ve added petrassib’s Country challenge thread as a bookmark.
I can update your streak if you want…?
Come on UK! :uk::pray:

I’ll be away this weekend at a catholic festival, so I might forget to update our united streak.

Pretty sure I won’t be pulling the plank or smoking :joy:


Day Three. Immediate Goal: (3/7 days).


Day Zero. (Random Words).


Day One. (Random Words).


Day Two. (Random Words).


What do you want to use this diary for? I’m just wondering what you will share with us in the Rewire community.

Some people share more, some share less. We can provide more feedback if you fill us in on your struggles and challenges. We have those struggles and challenges too. Hoping you give details about your day.


Day Three. (Random Words).


Day Zero. (Random Words).


Day One. (Random Words).


Day Two. (Random Words).


Day Three. (Random Words).