Difficulty level of life challenges

No fap is good. i have a general observation of my no fap journey just express if u also find it familiar in ur case too.
as no. of no fap days increase diff. challenges in real life are put in increasing rate gradually. like its a test of making one feel deprived of dopamine and to make urge grow strong so pmo could return back. own mind path way plays amazing efforts for this.

We call it flatline, past flatline things become easy
It can also happen when you give too much importance to thar stuff. When you’re unable to get it out of your mind. For dopamine you can exercise too

that is not flat line. it is a phase after 20 days. i am talking of energies which surround you and gets more power while u fap and sucks out life to its own. and when u stop it craves. it starts from 1st day…