Difficulties sleeping

Sleeping is hard for me,that is the worst when I get triggers everything is amplified when I am in bed trying to sleep, but my brain hasn’t settled it wants dopamine and lots of it.

I am going to start taking magnesium tablets see if that helps.
Will let you know


Also reduce stress and try meditation

Thanks buddy I’m trying to meditation probably need more practice

Usually when I go on streaks I also have a hard time sleeping especially around 1 week mark. But it will pass after a while. Just push through until then.


I am also facing Sleeping problem. I feel so much energetic when sleeping … My brain keep running, doesn’t let me fall asleep. I am on day 112.


Trouble sleeping is almost guaranteed for a masturbation addict that is abstaining. Ejaculation is a very powerful sedative, most like xanax or other benzos. Your body will readjust but it will take a while, anywhere between 2 weeks to 2 3 months


magnesium will defenetly help you
another thing installed placed breathing in android from playstore

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