Difficult times

I find myself still waking up hard which is difficult. I know the thing is to get out of bed immediately, but my bed feels so good. And it touching against the sheets or anything feels good. The struggle is truly the worst during the morning. It was part of my daily routine to masturbate before bed and when waking up. Like smoking a cigarette or something. I always prided myself in not smoking or drinking. But it turns out I had an addiction all along that I dismissed because I told myself well “everybody masturbates and it’s better than cheating”. Well anyways…today I was driving to work and it just got hard for no reason. And I kept pushing on it because it felt good. I was thinking not so good thoughts and the urge was pretty strong. I was looking at other female drivers and wondering how it would feel inside her and crazy things like that. I’ve never been a pervert but holy shit was my mind fucking losing it’s shit. I hope I can stop looking at females like just something to pleasure and be pleasured by. And I hope I can stop getting random erections :frowning:

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how long have you been on nofap in general?
i can completely relate to what you say. i had that during my first streaks. for me, it gets much better after a few 2 week streaks. after some time, this feeling started to fade. for me, it was a part of the withdrawle symptoms.
(i write about streaks since you probably wont have the same feeling after every relapse. after a few good streaks i was able to relapse without having to go through the whole withdrawle again. some of the rewiring stays even after one relapse)

for waking up, i think it is extremely important to have something nice in the morning. the bed just feels way to comfortable (especially with a boner …)
i personally need something to look forward to when i wake up. i found a great podcast series which i can listen during a great breakfast. that is the reason why i can get out without fapping

hope it could help you too


I have been on for 9 days now. Also with a 9 day streak. I tried to quit once before, before I had an app. That lasted maybe 15-20 days. Then I relapsed for a long time. I’m talking months back into my old habit like I wasn’t trying to stop. But now I’m on a journey to quit the guilty pleasure for good. I need to find something to get me out of bed as well though. Because just laying there is gonna have me relapsing.

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Boners in the morning are one of the first signs of your recovery. Think about challanges that you’ll face each day, about why you do nofap and wake up from bed.