Different topic

Hello guys I want to know some thing this is not about masturbation this is something different.its been a 2 days and I am having bad smell or breath in my mouth so anybody know why is it happening

If you’ve been brushing your teeth regularly, maybe you should try also brushing your tongue and your gums. These are the places where bacteria dwell the most often. Brush your tongue and gums energically. If your gums are swollen or bleeding, it means you have gingivitis. Just brush your gums more often, it will bleed but it is normal. When it doesn’t bleed anymore, it means that your gums are no more infected.
In any case, if the bad breath stays after a long time (3-4 weeks) without any reason, go straight to a doctor, it could be something more serious.
Good luck man👍


OMG thank you, that bleeding thingy, Great information.