Different reasons that makes you fap

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I wanted to share with you guys my own reasons that makes me fap and you will be surprised because most of reasons were off the topic it self

1-going easy mode (watching only … Ridiculous )
2-normal mode (P and M only )
4-spare time
5-my birthday :joy: !
6-having arguments with my parents
7-depression and stress “just for relieving”
8-losing in games !!
9-weekend lol
10-because I stopped for 3-4 days
11-having shower
12-watching game of thrones (and movies actually )
13-sleeping naked !

Guys you may read this and feel its awkward , just so you know I have been really honest there are many other reasons and all leads to the same destiny .

TRY to avoid these , maybe if you are stronger than I am its okay for you surely

So hopefully you guys share your reasons so we all can avoid them for our sake really


Agree with most of what you said.
i’m trying hard that comments like this are occurring more often in this forum! Thanks a lot

This is exactly what shows that not porn is triggering us but our problems! (sure, sexual contact triggers as well but I guess that is just normal). you can’t cope with loneliness, boredom and so on. That’s why you relapse over and over again. What we have to learn is to cope with all these feelings. There is something why we wanna avoid it. (most of your points are related to feeling uncomfortable).

What I don’t agree with is that these are the things everyone has to avoid.

  • avoiding is not how you heal. You have to figure out why spare time is triggering you, why you do wanna watch a porn while watching game of thrones and so on. You have to dig for the real reason. If you just avoid them, then you will relapse as soon as you stop avoiding it. You can’t for example avoid losing for your whole life.
  • the list is not the same for everyone. I personally never have urges while watching TV but I definitely relapse if I play computer games. It really depends on our problem.

This list is an amazing starting point. but don’t avoid these situation but learn to handle them. Most of them aren’t triggering porn per se but you’re brain associates bad feelings with them.

(let me guess, you didn’t have an amazing birthday? probably you had a party but once everyone went home you felt lonely again? at least this is the exact reason why I typically relapsed on christmas and birthdays)


Thank you for showing that point to me
I know some reasons can’t be avoided and even it its possible we should develop more ideas to come over it
About birthday point : I didn’t have a party ,my family nor my friends mentioned anything at least so I decided that day to buy some junk food and watch some movies and lastly fap . I think that time was the only one I didn’t really regret but it was a bad day overall

Second point about spare time : I’m that type of guy who tries to read books and finish them put them in a list of finished books its like a special thing for me
I even try to learn different new languages to fill my spare time but I get bored that’s why I think my chances to do good streak during school days and studying for hours is better than holidays and free time (which is the most time of the year )

What happens to someone if he totally give up he won’t even call it a relapse he doesn’t think about his problems anymore …just living like that and I personally was facing that a few days ago relapsing everyday until I brought my strength together again

One more point I want to warn everyone about is thinking about how great you are after 10 or 20 days streak and so on , at least 50% of us will relapse because that’s what happened to me when I did my highest streak (8 days ) which is not a big deal for me at least but yeah don’t feel too great you still got a long road ahead ( I don’t mean to disappoint anyone or weaken his power )
I’m also want to know your age bruh :joy:


Super Awesome Topic Bro.
You are a Genious
Now you know all your reasons so what are you waiting for join my 21 days challenge.

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So true. I often get lazy once I hit higher counters. I also feel that this is because nofap was my goal. If not fapping is your main goal and you reached it on 30 consecutive days, then it’s just not inspiring anymore. Same if you say “my goal is 90 days”. After these 90 days you loose your goal towards which you were working for 3 months and you will relapse since you don’t know what to do. (sure, you can then say I go for 180, 360 and so on but you just shift the problem farther and farther away).

That’s why I changed my mindset towards that fapping is just an obstacle in my way towards my main goal. And I have to overcome it to reach my goal. Like this, i have a life-long motivation towards nofap
btw. I’m 25

Yeah I saw some posts but it says that entry closed and to benhonest with you right now I’m stronger than any time before but still cant get the idea of making it higher than my old streak inside my mind

Its so true and that’s why I was thinking for long time it isn’t about days I just need to stop but wisely and the right way and decided to not block any porn sites or reading too many advices I wouldn’t really do as I thought its kind of avoidance like you talked about yesterday

I just keep reminding myself to stay strong and I’m surprised that I didn’t have urges at all since I started that short streak which makes me hungry to do more days to prove to myself before you all that I can do and I can get past those 8 days

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21 days challenge is all time open.

how can i join your challenge groups ?

Just Copy and paste yourself in latest list.

What if I told you there is always only one reason - mental laziness

You are probably right , specially when you don’t get enough sleep you start doing things you don’t want to do but still doing it


Alot of the things you talked about are what triggers me as well. I just joined this community. I want to make lifestyle changes and know that I need to make better choices that allow that to happen. Figuring out the things that trigger are the biggest thing for me right now, and figuring out how I can avoid them and make myself make better choices.

For me I think the big triggers are
Feeling depressed
Problems in interactions with others
Seeing just about anything sexual

I think that there are a lot of things that are going on in my life that help attribute to my addiction. I’m hoping that by admitting that I have this problem, I can try to make some lifestyle changes and can overcome this addiction.

Feel free to add me. This is definitely going to be easier with a community for support.

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For me
When flatline comes i surrender to pmo.

@anon66785751 I would recommend to try to figure out the reason why you fap on a deeper level (this really helped me a lot)
I don’t think that you relapse because you have a flatline but because of a feeling you have during a flatline.

Same as @ym666 did. He could have said, that he relapses when he is at home in his room. But in fact he said that he is triggered by loneliness and boredom.

The thing is, you can’t change yourself if you see “being at home” or “having a flatline” as the problem because these things will always be there. But if you know that boredom or loneliness is the problem, there are methods you can do to really heal.


after ruling out many other reasons, my main reason for faping is:

  • the fear of being unproductive and hence the fear of doing nothing and wasting time.

over the years I learned that everything i do on my computer or desk is counted as “being productive” and everything else isn’t.

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10th is the fact for me.

I was tired and the feeling of accomplishment took over me and i rewarded myself in form of pmo.
But in fact it is the baddest reward one can give to oneself.
I might have given me some other rewards.

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I am Agree with this.

I’m looking at it a little different than you Resurgent. I’m avoiding challenges and accomplishments as I want to reset for life. I’m trying to make lifestyle choices, because I want this to be a reboot of my life. I want to be healthy again, for the first time in what feels like a very long time.

My plan: Complete 100 days on Hard Mode.
After that, I will switch to Easy Mode so that I’m not making choices for my girlfriend. Luckily she is supportive of this goal of mine. I’ve treated her poorly because of my addictions, and resetting for life is my goal.

Add me if you like.
Canada, Age 29