Different beliefs

I am really curious. I don’t wanna talk about what is good or wrong but only about why are there different beliefs about how to approach this journey.

I find it very interesting that there are basically 2 different mind sets.

  • often the people from India are talking about ascending, reaching a god-level, being the best they can and about spirituality.
  • The second is a bit more widespread and is more about rational thinking, having a normal, healthy life, a bit more the thoughts like “I wanna be kind of like this guy there. He seems to have a really good life”

the thing is that I know too little about the Indian culture and just wanna know more about it. How religious are you raised, what does your religion tell you that you should strive for, what is seen as the right way to live?
It would be really interesting for me if some people (mainly from India) could tell a bit about how you were raised :relaxed:

India is a secular & democratic country.
There are as much religions in india as there are in the whole world.
Christians, muslims, hindus, french, spain…the list goes on and on.
All live in peace here under one flag.

:black_small_square:Religion has no interference here in india. Religion is only meant for making money and visiting temples on some festivals. We have supreme courts. We have education system. Religion is never taught in our schools. It is just used to fill somewhere in government forms hahahahahaha
Religion has no importance in our lives. It is not all and be all. It is just a thing of belief. Some believe in it and some not.

:black_small_square:Childrens are not raised here on religious beliefs. We get good food good hospital care and good education. Good clothes.

:atom_symbol: On your first point i would like to say.
In india if some person has reached his maximum level of power/ a person who has brilliant mind and health. He is made a god among common people. People starts to follow him and looking for the answers to their sufferings. But this is not a case of india but the whole world.
Examples : • Jesus of Nazrath. ( christian God) though a mortal
• Gautam Buddha ( Buddhism religion God) born in india a mortal
• Mohammed something a mortal man ( God among Muslims )
• Ram ( Hindu God )
• Mahavir jain
… etc. And recently in india a 100 year old dead man name • Sai Baba is made a God of masses.
Now some people in india has made Temples of Narendra Modi PM of india to immortalise him as a God.
All of this man who i have talked about have no Orgasm or just once for sake of a child.

So You see my friend How Saving sperms can take you so much high in order among common man and make you a God finaly.

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I am sorry. but I wanted to clear out something :slight_smile:
muslims do not belive that muhammed is a God. muslims belive that he is a messenger from god. and does not worship muhammed.


My bad bro…knowledge is good always.

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Religion cannot saves you.

Only JESUS can !

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Interesting :astonished:

Someone something to add?
(remember it’s not about which beliefs are right or wrong since there is no wrong belief -> that’s why it’s called belief and not knowledge or science :wink:)

Thanks for your defination :laughing:

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Did you say French and Spain are a religion?


No, i actualy used them as a reference.