Difference watching same naked women on monitor and live?

Hi friends, what do you think about this 2 scenarios? In this 2 scenarios are acting the same woman.

  1. Watching the naked woman on PC for 1 hour.
  2. Watching the same naked woman live in apartment for 1hour?

What are consequences on brain? Is it same? Why yes or not?

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What is the naked woman doing? Iā€™m not meaning details. Is she carrying on with normal activities or is she doing sexual or suggestive things?

In both scenario she is doing sexual arousal things

In that case I think that the effects would be different because if the woman is doing those things in person, she is doing them intentionally and specifically for you and your urge in person is more likely to be an urge for sexual intercourse which is healthy.

Watching on the computer screen however, seems more exciting due to the sneaky factor and ends in one way, masturbating.

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