Diet during nofap

This weak started a diet, I am not eating carbohydrate, and the desire to fap have increased, I am on day 69, my longest streak .
I would like to know what you think

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I think that one should not diet before complete rewiring. Because our brain requires energy to rewire itself. So dieting may hinder rewiring. But you can still do some exercises.


Do you enjoy the diet?
If you don’t then it takes motivation and effort to hold up. This motivation and power could you then be missing in your journey
You divide your willpower between the diet and nofap

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Just continue your streak even after Ramadan.

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After 6 days of the diet of not eating carbohydrate, I decided to stop, the urges were increasing , along with the fantasies, one step at the time, I want to continue eating healthy not every day but at least two, three times per week.