Did you guys feel completely without desire after a while doing nofap?

Well, I’m currently on the 20th of nofap, and I’m feeling totally out of libido. I have relapsed many times before just to feel something when it reaches that point, but always watching porn. Do you face something like that? Some advice?

Flat line…
Don’t worry. It will pass.


That low libido thing is making your brain rewired. You were used to be aroused while watching porn. Now you are not giving your brain that pleasure. So it is getting new ways to be excited. In the meantime, you will have dead meat like penis, irresponsive. It is normal. Try to fill up the void by doing excercise, reading a book etc. Try to get yourself away from digital life.

The feeling of testing your life of penis through porn will be a trap. It will take its time to rewired. You will get excited when you need to be.


It’s really good know that. Bc it’s really scary feeling nothing for now, but there’s nothing I can do about, only wait until it’s over and my brain get the reboot done. I will not give up!

It’s flatline,i only got to experience it a few times.During this not only libido decreases but you may experience low energy, motivation and mood swings

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Yeah man, i’m feeling just like that. It sucks but is part of the progress

It sucks for the time being,but the end result is worth it


After this period penis will start to be like barbell when it needs to. I am on day 11 and it’s already gone. It looks like lipstick😂

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…not anymore
I woke up and noticed super mutant between my legs :sunglasses:

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