Did this happened to you

I have been strong willed this whole time but now my sence of reasoning is starting to fade away, the thoughts like just one time is ok , just one pick are coming to my mind very often now a days , what should I do


It’s urges man, it will definitely comes to your mind. People are saying once you reached certain levels and once your mind is rewired successfully, the frequency of it will drastically reduced.

Urges are very common at the begining, try to find a new hobby to distract your thoughts from it. I opted for meditation and exercise, hope it helps you too.


I need this question answered because this morning I felt like relapse but I didn’t and I woke right up like I was dreaming because I figured out what I was doing and stopped is that normal or did I really relapse?

Well thats your brain telling you to get a dopamine shot
You will feel low as u were high earlier
Thats not urge
When feeling low if u done pmo again u wont feel that high again at that time
U will take ur time scroll explicit content till the time u get an urge to fap in specific type of video
So keep feeling low
That will eventually fad away

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Yes it did and thank you.

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I was feeling low all day like I couldn’t get my shit together but whose to say I want relapse in real life because I want that quick fix only time will tell thanks for answering me back.

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Its my 13th day without pmo and 21st without mo , I did feel that way before but it’s better now , my mind is clearing up and my concentration incrasing now , i am feeling a lot better , but I can still improve , you just have to keep at it and not to give in