Did no pmo before but now struggling!

I did noFap before almost like 70+ days… then months ago I relapsed. Since then I struggling. relapse (after 70days) were not so frequent. But day by day relapse became so frequent that now I can’t even pass 1.5 day…

I need suggestion. :frowning:


I understand the struggle. Once you feel the urge it’s hard to avoid. I recommend making a schedule to keep your mind busy. The more you wander aimlessly and do nothing. The more chances for urges.
I will give you some tips when I get back home.
God bless.

and the thing that give me more pain is sometime I could not sleep because of my urge. And even if I slept defeating my urge sometime I wake up at night and i can’t sleep anymore then i relapse. But when I don’t wake up at night. In the morning, afternoon when I wake up I fall into the cycle.

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