Diary of Jaskeerat

I wish I hadn’t started it.but since this has happened now and can’t be changed now :pensive::pensive:. Today I have thought of a new way to beat this.
I will treat every women as a respectful human. I will earn respect by working hard. Today I realised that even games are responsible for loss of will power. Why? Because when you are getting all the things inside the game you are shooting and winning you have money and friends and so many things to enjoy then why would you do something hard such as studying, preparing and giving exams ?
Because everything that gives you happiness needs a sacrifice, needs some determination and perseverance. It takes a lot to become an army soldier in my real life but it takes just a few bucks to be one in call of duty. Which one is worth it? Real one! So from now I will not play videogames and not relapse on nofap too.
Behind the most pleasing smiles, exists a story of rigorous hardwork.


Today is a good day. I noticed that when I started studying and completing my work my life became more interesting than before. Now I am able to concentrate more. I also started exercising and building strength. I feel better than ever and more energetic.
It is easy to say I will do it tomorrow but difficult to stick to it.


Yesterday a woman raised her voice while talking to me but I remained patient and didn’t mind it. Today I went to the place where she had met me and she herself talked to me in a low tone and respected me. I guess nofap teaches us something very important in life that if a person goes angry or talks harsh to you, don’t do the same but talk to him/her in a compassionate tone. The lady was a shopkeeper I went to her shop but didn’t ask her and asked someone else today but she herself came to attend me. The reason being that I had controlled myself when she had gone angry. This is it be compassionate and strong.
**the person who gives a several words in return of a single word is much weaker than the one who tolerates those several words and still respects the person he’s talking to. **


Today was just a normal day, I’d call it normal because nothing much I could do today. I did meditation and studied then went to play outside.
The only interesting things today was that while playing I kept running from one end to the other of the ground (100m in length approximately*) and I did not feel tired. And others on the pitch were literally staring at me they couldn’t complete me. I could say my stamina and strength increased to a greater extent.
Girls walking around saw me I noticed they were too watching me when I was leaving for home. I say Nofap is a discipline and is necessary for everyone.
My social anxiety is gone now and voice is more deeper. I am not afraid if a girl talks to me or stands around me. My confidence is always with me.
I can only say this all happened because of a hard decision that I took and I am following it too. We should always do more hardwork and take less or no pleasures.
Either you burn your desires or they burn you.

Yesterday I was doing great in the daytime but later I relapsed at night. I couldn’t understand what I am doing and did it without any sense. After waking up in the morning I understood why it happened. The reason was that I was stopping all the energy inside me instead of transmuting it. Today I have decided to complete a few activities and get fully exhausted before going to bed so that I fall asleep just as I lie down.
Perfection is not attained, it is only practiced

Falling down and getting up is what we learnt, but further what we understood is that we need to dodge the problem and keep running.
There were times when I lost motivation, got angry at my friends and behaved like a bully. But today I decide, I promise to this forum that I will Not get angry, I will not lose self-control. I will resist the problems, dodge them. Go through food and bad times with the same spirit.
Instead of jerking off like a moron I will take rest or study a book. Instead of fantasising like a loser I will paint a picture on paper.
After 18 days I will post again.

I just remembered a very old quote given to me by my senior while I was trying to get into the football team of my school. We had to run a lot and that too in limited time. I felt like I can’t do it so I asked him if I can leave. He said ok, you may leave but listen first if you came here without any recommendation from someone then leaving now will make you cry in future. He said these hard times may be impossible for you but only these hardships will give you the strength to be the champion later. The best he said was that if you want to play football then throw the excuses in the trash if you are too soft then throw your dream of playing football and keep making excuses. same is here either you be the loser or dump the excuses

When I don’t listen to some good songs I relapse on a small streak so it is better to listen those good motivating songs than to edge and relapse

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The worst effect I ever felt in my life is chaser effect. You relapse again and then you binge and do it all again and again and again until you end up regretting badly and beating your head in wall. I somehow got over it and now I could clearly see things. What Pmo actually did to me was it that took away my character. But now after getting up the valley and looking at the problems from a higher perspective I have a better sense of handling these problems

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