Diary of Aragorn

I don’t understand what you are saying since i donno spanish(I hope its spanish).

Any way i hope its something good and you are doing well.

It would be great if you can type in English also


Esto fue lo que escribi = This is what I wrote
El ingles no se me da la verdad y no se escribir muy bien = The English is not given me the truth and not write very well

The truth is not why that happens, I’m in the day 6 and was if in the day 4 for the 5 only slept 4 hours could not with the desire to masturbate but then I think the strongest days are every 4 days Espsero all flow well , what I do is tell my brain to think that Recai, you masturbated Qeu, and believes it for about 30 minutes but only to lower the levels of fever, let’s be strong


Thanks for taking the time to put it in English.

It’s okey brother. It’s my ignorance that I do not your language. Anyway am trying to learn Spanish. And then we will speak in your own language. What say?
May be you can help me learn Spanish also.


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Hola = hihi
pero por supesto que si cuadno gustes ahi estre para cual quier cosa…

Is everything alright man? You haven’t updated in 2 days… hope you’re doing ok.


Congratulations @Aragorn :clap::clap:
You successfully completed your Day 1 :clap::clap:…just keep going man…u can & u will :facepunch:


I am going through some of the worst days of my life friends.

Really shattered enough.

Thats y i didnt update these days.

Am really at end road in my life right now.

I really donno what to do.

I feel like crying…

I donno how will i face my family…

Oh God…Please help me…

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Thanks for your kind words brother.

Thanks a lot. These words mean a lot to me.

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Stop crying, start living. Instead of thinking too much you should do something. Be cautious of some free time when nofapping, because this can happen.
Do anything!

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Thanks a lot brother. I stopped crying already.

And starting to face my life as it unfolds.

Am not going back to my old life anymore.

Btw, can you share your code brother. I would like to follow you.

Mine : z12r5l

Good idea to exchange codes :slight_smile:

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Make a good streak this time. Never keep any resistant thoughts in mind. Never fight with anyone and never keep any bad thoughts for someone without telling him or her. In this way, your mind will be clear and calm and you will not drown due to urges. Keep going. Beat this addiction this time. :facepunch::facepunch:


Exactly brother.

I will do it this time. Never going back. Never giving up.

God is with me.


It’s 1st of February today.
A new month. A new beginning.
And I just reached 3 days in my current streak.
Am going to live a new life. And am going to face my life as it unfolds.
I won’t get depressed with set backs. Instead I will face them bravely and come back.
I am not sad about my bad past. Instead I learned from my mistakes. And am still learning.
Am sure Almighty is my better friend. And He will be extend his helping hand to me.
I understood the bad way I was living my life. And I realized that this should end now.
I don’t have any time to lose from this moment. Instead I have works to do.
I will work on the things that make me grow. Each second is valuable to me.
I have miles to go before I sleep.
I heard that success is not a destination. Instead it is the process.
And am deeply in trust with this process.
I regard the process of getting rid of this bad habit and making my life good , a success.
I have faith in me.
I have trust in the process.

DAY 3 finished.


5 days completed.
Thanking God Almighty.
New badge of PEASANT.

Feeling good. Busy with studies now.
Rest everything is going good.

Thanks for the support friends.
See you when I reach my next goal.
2 more days to hit 7 days.

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Wtf man?! You had plan, you had determination… It’s not as easy to relapse if you’re fighting! Think about what you’ve done wrong and don’t relapse again. I’m checking your streak.

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I’m also checking your streak @Aragorn, whenever u relapse u disappoint us… u have to prove yourself this time, and I know you can👍


Nothing comes easy, but I know you will come back on track. Stronger and more motivated. Let your relapse be a lesson for you. I count on you!


Hello guys, am indeed very much greatful for how you people are considering me as your brother. Thanks always for your concern.

Now, I want to prove my metal. I wont be writing diary for one week now. Am getting involved some important work. So will be busy with that. And as I come and write my next diary after q week, you all will see my counter ticking 7+ days. Again thanks for all your concern. Am not gonna disappoint you guys this time. Period.