Diary of Adidas 🎭

eighteen hours completed

Personal confession:
To be honest I was in situation(specially in the morning)… where I felt urge and the weight :balance_scale:of thinking about pleasure is higher :arrow_double_up: than the resisting that thought.:arrow_down:
Anyways I will never give up.
I won’t lie and I don’t want to make any excuse which helps me to do it again.

Pleasure its only few hours. Pain which it left after doing it will be last 5 days. Dont do that.

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day first completed

Here everyone says that I should make myself busy enough that I forgot about this bad habit.
I did… I started making myself busy almost 22hrs.
I still in trap of that addiction because I can feel the urges.


Urges will be always. The further you go, the harder urges will be. You have to learn how to hijack them. Control this power you have with urges. Becouse with urges you will be feel power also.

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Second day 17hrs completed

Not a single urges.
Had lot of workload.
Came late home and felt tired sleepy.

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Continue. Dont use any kind of watching pic, porn or something like this. Just no.

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First Time i have reached day 6 after a long time.

Actually workload is too much that whenever I came home I feel tired and fall asleep faster.

But I have to be alert on weekoff days.

Well done man this is an awesome achievement!! Don’t overthink it just simplify it have fun and be chilled about them. Plan your own little jobs through goals for a hobby or tasks at home!

I know you can! Good luck and stay strong and awesome !

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Adidas i am on day 9 full of urges. We must choose the struggle to keep pushing ahead. Falling is easy. Climbing is a continues struggle. There is fresh air on the top. Keep going. Find a way out of this hell.

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I am still in that phase where I do fap every day and forget to report here. As I have less time to sleep and dont get Instant sleep.
So I choose this to sleep faster.

I know it’s kind of walking on the edge of the wall.
But it’s the only way I can see to sleep faster.

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I’m sure you could find a new technique to sleep faster.

How could we help you to be more serious with this No Fap journey?

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I just want to read the hatred things about porn(or I want to feel anger towards porn) Or I want to realise that video I see that is an imaginary world.
Then It will be okay to break this habit. Because thought alone can destroy or make new habits.

@FlowForCourage hope you Understood.
and help me to find new technique to sleep faster.

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