Diary of a Marauder [16 M]

i solemnly swear that i am upto no good…
i know i’ve been missing out on a lot of things, things that i ought not to miss. I wish i could come out of this vicious cycle i wove.
Can i come out of this cumming, if you know what i mean…
boy, cumming ain’t me only problem, me problem is discipline… i just can’t stay disciplined. So, what do i do? stay disciplined?!.. that ain’t happening overnight, it ought to happen in a discrete manner like how radiant energy is absorbed/emitted in accordance to Planck’s theory…
yep! i got to take baby steps… Blimey! i even got chemistry tomorrow… do i have enought time to prepare, i honestly don’t know… i better start preparing.
To the fapstronaut reading this Godspeed!
Gratitude to the infinite intelligence!
this is Harn signing off

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