Develop your biggest sex organ: your brain 🧠

Develop your biggest sex organ:
your brain🧠

★Your biggest sex organ is your brain this is similar to the last point on getting educated, but, there is another point about using your brain that is critical to escaping from the addiction to masturbation perspective this is the ability to perceive things in their actual insulations or comparative importance.

★Have you ever heard of someone that has an addiction to the flu, common cold, cancer, or diarrhea? Would you ever use your willpower to resist a headache or runny nose? No of course not.

★That sounds silly yet we have already learned throughout all the signs and research that the most effective way to increase your willpower is through very physical interventions like getting enough sleep, water, and sugar from whole plant food, why? because masturbation is a physical disease look at the word disease it is dis-ease, your body is not at ease it isn’t easy with that junk inside you would you eat something called garbage food, or toilet food? but you will eat junk food.

★Think about this, imagine that you are your intestines and someone covered you with Junk food that your body didn’t need. Would you be happy about that?

★Junk food contains high calories or fats with little fiber, protein, vitamins, and salts, it has little nutritional value, or sometimes this term is used and refers to the food being high in protein, but it is considered a saturated fat, which is believed to be healthy.

★Diseases and various types of addictions have their origins in the way of habits in our lives. They are like bacteria that can only grow in certain circumstances.
When the environment is suitable for masturbation and willpower, they appear and grow.

★When we disdain or ignore the health laws that govern our minds and bodies, we create the right conditions for bacteria growth.

★You can see the importance of keeping your body clean and healthy by eating plant-based foods, drinking a good amount of water, and getting enough sleep.

★To maintain self-control and build strong willpower we need to treat emotional, mental, and spiritual factors, but if you neglect the physical aspect, this will make you fail.

★Mind and body influence each other, if you treat your body in a good way, your brain will be developed in no time.


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