Devastating Day

I lost my favorite pet today, it was a pet cow, we found her in the river, she was still alive, we attempted to rescue her, but the rope kept breaking, we got some stronger rope to get her out, we almost got her out, but she got stuck, the rope ended up too tight on her neck and she suffocated and died, I was devastated, because she was my favorite cow and later on when I was alone, I broke down, because I was also so tired, I was rolled up in a ball on the ground crying, it was sad, because she was also pregnant and was going to have a calf later this year, but that’s not going to happen now she is dead, I am so devastated.


Sorry to hear that bro… I know what you mean, my dog got killed tragically many years ago, but i still remember that day like it happened yesterday… :cry:


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