Desperate for change

I need help. Post my longest streak ever (6 Dec to 22 Dec) I’ve been struggling with days of relapses till just now.
I keep thinking that I’m so far gone and the urges are getting stronger each time I relapse. I feel like I have no strength of my own left. When I was doing well I got cocky and stopped doing the right stuff, like reaching out to my accountability partner, or using the app, or changing my environment, or verbalising my resolve. Now I’m in a particularly bad time and I need encouragement. I want to step into 2019 without PMO. Are any of you doing that too?

25 Female
Current streak: 0 days
Longest streak: 16 days
Code: dkpt8h


Yep. I signed up to this website and app to get clear of masturbation for record is 21 days back in my old church days when I was around 26 or 27 years old. I’m now 44.
By comparison I can give up every other addiction easily. This is tougher than alcohol, tobacco, heroin, chocolate or cannabis.


Don’t worry @Natalia

Am here to help you. In fact there are lots of good souls to help you here.

Don’t give up your HOPE.

“Hope is a good thing. May be best of things”

You can do this better from now on. Believe me, you are more than capable of winning against this addiction.

First believe in yourself.
And then make a strategic plan how you are going to do this.
And then keep going.

Am also not a pro in NoFap journey.

I have also started this app 2 weeks before. And my longest streak till date in 7 days.

My current streak is 4 days.

Am much more confident now. I know that I will make a comeback. I will fight this enemy to the end. And I will come out like a warrior.

You can follow me in the app: z12r5l


Join my groups & kick the addiction.
All people are helpful there.
Plus you gets motivation on regular basis.